Brutal Street Violence Erupts as Woman Beaten with ‘Hammers and Golf Clubs’ by Angry Mob

A woman was savagely attacked by a vicious mob in Dublin on Friday evening.

As well as the woman, a small child also had eggs thrown at them during the incident which took place at a house in north Dublin. After answering the door, the woman was then attacked by the mob who were using hammers and golf clubs.

But according to reports, one of the mob also used a snooker ball in a sock during the attack.

The assault took place in the Finglas area of Dublin on Friday evening.

Footage from the attack shows that as many as six people knocked on the door of the house where the woman who was attacked was in.

According to DublinLive, it was initially a young child who opened the door first.

But not long after this, the victim eventually came out and was dragged out onto the street where she was beaten.

After being dragged, the footage shows how the woman was beaten in between two cars on the street.

One member of the mob in particular looks to have attacked the woman around 10 times with a hammer.

Following the attack, the mob scarpered away from the scene of the incident.

Despite attempts made by the victim to chase the mob, all members of the mob were able to get away.

Dublin police have since said that they were called to an incident at the house on Friday evening.

However, a spokesman has said that although no complaints were made, an investigation into the incident has started.

The spokesman said: “Gardaí attended the scene and spoke to those present.

“No complaint received and no offences disclosed.

“Inquiries are ongoing.”

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