7 thoughts on “Stripping military bases of Confederate names stirs passions

  1. Doesn’t matter. I will still call all the bases by their original true names. Take that-military oligarchs and anti-Americans!

  2. Our History in the name of blacks wanting them changed is “horsepucky” !!! It’s the damn LEFT-SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST that is destroying our history to further destroy everything that made our country. Right or wrong as we came through these 200+ years is what MADE US !! Disrepecting the Souths HEROES that fought for their STATES and way of life, especially many of the Generals and just plain Confederate Monuments previously served in the AMERICAN ARMED SERVICES HORABLY fighting for our Country. Tearing down and renaming names as LEE, PICKETT and others is NOT SATIFYING the small SEGMENT of certain people in our Country. Next like the Admiral said, Cities/ towns/ streets/of Southern names will go !!!!
    Congress should start worrying about the country before we have to name them after Russian and Chinease names !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maybe they won’t be happy to stop at Fort Pickett. What about our paper money? Washington, Jefferson ,Hamilton, all owned slaves. Oh ya! The nations capitol “Washington” has got to go! The Jefferson Memorial too! Let’s get rid of all those historical person’s. Erase them from our history and see what changes happen after that.. Burn all the history books that mention them Our history may have some dark periods. But, it’s our history. I love my country, warts and all. This crap all started when the Democrat/Socialist came into power, along with, de-fund the police, open boarder’s and pandering to our nation’s enemies. Remember what I have just said when you go to the polls to vote. Let’s take our country back !!

  3. Oh yes, why not change history. Tare down statues, burn books, rename towns. installations, schools. Damn, rewrite history. How stupid can one be. We got here from doing everything, right or wrong. We have to learn not erase.

  4. Burning books and changing names worked great for Hitler and nazi Germany screw George Floyd the doper who overdosed

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