6 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin ignored the No. 1 rule of gun safety: Hollywood weapons expert

  1. Peter Lake put the blame on Baldwin: “The buck stops with Alec Baldwin on every level,” he told The Post. “It looks very bad for him. At least the captain of the Titanic had the good sense to go down with the ship.”

    Surely Peter Lake is not suggesting that Alec Baldwin needs to DIE over this? This is just click bait.

  2. Yes, rules for proper handling of firearms include that you always assume it is loaded, and you never point it at someone or something you don’t plan to shoot. However, technically, this alleged prop handgun was not supposed to be a firearm. I’ve aimed cap guns, toy guns, and rubber band guns at various people and objects when I was young, and my father, an avid gun owner and hunter, never admonished me for doing so. Why? Because he and I both knew these were not firearms. If a prop gun actually meets the definition of a prop, it cannot also meet the definition of a firearm. Mr. Baldwin knew this gun was a prop, and was told it was a prop, and therefore not a firearm, so he violated no rules for the proper handling of a firearm.

  3. Beyond everything else, I don’t understand why live ammunition and a “prop gun” were ever on the same set. Why was there ever live ammunition in a “prop gun”?

  4. If you pick up a weapon ALLWAYS CLEAR IT to ensure that it is safe. 1 remove the magazine, 2 open the breach to ensure there is no round loaded, 3 aim it at the floor (or roof) and pull the trigger to be double sure. Only then, is it MAYBE safe, but not safe enough to point at anybody.

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