2 thoughts on “How were Brian Laundrie’s remains missed for 33 days but then found by his parents in a few hours?

  1. I am just glad h’s dead and if hid parents killed him – Good for them as they righted the wrong by not having done something before he killed this girl and perhaps as they now say: Others.
    I am glad he’s dead and outwitting the FBI – PFFT dumbbells in shoes. Not all but anyone who could as a Department turn on a President for the people the way they did – shame is on them anyway – so I say CHEERS to the parents ^5 Good find

  2. I find it a wonder that the parents were able to find him so quickly. However, according to another source, the area in which he was found had been underwater at the time the Sheriff and the FBI wee searching the particular. area. Do I think his parents know where he was, Yes! Do I find fault with the police search? More evaluation of that needs to be done.

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