Gene Simmons Yells at Maskless Mob – ‘Shut Up! Be Respectful!’

The Kiss rocker lost his cool as he told GMB of his frustration how 20-months into the pandemic there are still selfish individuals refusing to get vaccinated or wear masks despite rising Coronavirus cases.

Mr Simmons told the show these people should “get over yourself” adding “we are not concerned whether you agree with it or not!”

He slammed: “We are concerned about you making us sick!

“So get your goddamn Covid shot and prevent other people from getting your stuff!”

Mr Simmons then launched a ferocious takedown of citizens who complain that Covid measures breach their human rights.

The bassist hammered: “Well you don’t have as many rights as you think!”

He used the analogy of traffic lights, saying how “when you get up to a red light, you must stop”

Mr Simmons aded: “It is not about you, it is about the other innocent people going by.

“So get over yourself!… That is right! The government is telling you what to do!”

The bassist furiously concluded: “Shut up! Be respectful of other people and get a vaccine! Stop being selfish!”

The comments come as the Government is facing increasing pressure from advisors to implement “plan B” Coronavirus restrictions in the coming weeks.

These measures aren’t the same as a full-scale lockdown but would introduce similar curbs on public interaction alongside the return of working from home, compulsory masks and mandated vaccine passports for some locations.

It comes as Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said ministers should not delay, as the NHS risks “sky-high” pressure this winter amid soaring cases.

He said: “It is time for the Government to enact Plan B of its strategy without delay because, without preemptive action, we risk stumbling into a winter crisis.

“Also, health leaders need to understand what a ‘Plan C’ would entail if these measures are insufficient.

“The Government should not wait for COVID infections to rocket and for NHS pressures to be sky high before the panic alarm is sounded.”

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  1. Before you blame anybody else ask why all our new immigrants weren’t given the vaccine at the border. No masks, no vaccines, sounds like you’re speaking to the wrong people.

    1. It’s not the immigrant that’s causing the Covid to spread, it us the “I have rights”.The immigrant are at the border not in the neighborhoods .
      They’re not at the bars yelling about Alabama and Mississippi game, but we are.We have a choice they hope to get any vaccine they can get.

  2. Gene Simmons telling non vaxers to stop being selfish is rather funny, considering he has been screwing around on his wife for years and years. Now, who is selfish?

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