5 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Girl Arrested at School After Drawing a Picture of Her Bully

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    1. agree. I hate all this hype on a reporting and you din’t hear the correct or some of the details that earn this type of headlines. Come on professionals (I say loosely). This happens all to often! Shame on you!

  2. Dept of education is a communist party..
    My kids growing up,if someone hit etc then . They had instructions too take the assaulter down.. nowadays bully’s beat the hell out of kids. Because the Dept of ed mandates it.. law enforcement schools, head start,day care. Your kid gets the chit beat out of them they kick the victim out of school or arrest them for defending itself.. and don’t tell a kid no. All leads up too your kid standing in line passively too the ovens.

  3. The schools need to start programs to instruct teachers and staff how to behave in public schools. They used to say zero tolerance where the bully and the victim got punished why are these people, in charge of educating our children, allowed to make such dumb decisions

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