3 thoughts on “Trump Slams Colin Powell – ‘Anyway, may he rest in peace’

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  2. President Trump has one mindset….to help the average American enjoy and prosper in this nation. He loves the people….he loves America (or what it once was) and he sees what it could be once again IF – (and it is a big IF) we can rid of our government of those who harm the people for the sake of enriching their own selves. We call them traitors. Powell, Bush, Biden, Obama, McCain are all a part of the group (call it Deep State, etc.) who have discarded what the average, every day American wants….prosperity and peace, upholding the Constitution with the values our fore fathers fought and died for. Every American should feel the same way. If not….they need to go to another nation to live and let us alone! Bravo President Trump, for saying what many of us would not have said for the sake of being proper…the truth! Yes…sometimes the truth is not relished as it should be….and downright ugly; but what will be coming soon will hopefully justify his statement. Many treasonous people have been sent to Gitmo and brought before the military tribunals according to insider sources….could Powell be one of them? Was Covid the convenient excuse? Time will tell.

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