Couple Terrified After Spooky ‘Face’ Appears In Photo They Took At Cemetery

A couple reckons they managed to capture a photograph of a ghost while taking photos in a cemetery at night, which seems like exactly the type of place a ghost would hang around, to be fair.

Amir Jardan, 32, visited a cemetery in East Boldre, Hampshire, with his partner Amy Notley, and his aunt, Suzanne Singleton and says he is certain they were the only people there.

However, a mysterious shape can be seen lurking in the background of one of his shots and Amir is convinced it’s a ghost.

He said: “It’s definitely a ghost or a spirit of some sort.

“I’m 100 percent sure that we were alone while in that graveyard. But we felt like something was watching us around the graves.”

The photo shows what looks like a man’s face peering over one of the headstones.

A shot taken just moments before shows the same headstone but the shape above it isn’t there – cue the X-Files theme tune.

Credit: Pen News
Credit: Pen News

Amir said the cemetery had been ‘eerily quiet’ but once they saw the apparition in the background of the photo they heard footsteps walking away. A heavy-footed ghost, perhaps?

Amir said: “In the picture, you can see the man-shaped face.

“We were shocked and then we heard loads of walking around and we thought it could be someone so we left.”

The cemetery has a history of paranormal activity, according to Amir.

“There is a lot of history that this place has evil spirits and is one of the most haunted graveyards in the New Forest,” he said.

The spooky experience has turned former sceptic Amy into a believer.

Amir added: “Amy was a sceptic until she saw the picture I took and looked very confused.”

But it hasn’t put either of them off visiting the cemetery, in fact, they’re even planning an all-night ghost hunting vigil.

“We love exploring places,” Amir said. “We have no fear and we just want to capture evidence that ghosts exist.

“Next time it will be on video. Me and my partner thrive on travelling to spooky places together.”

Well, Halloween is just around the corner guys!

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