5 thoughts on “Harvard Scientist Suggests That Our Universe Was Created in a Laboratory

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  2. What a stupid ass. That’s a good one moron and this is what your future will be with these pukes who are too stupid for their own rear ends. Good luck people – Nothing from nothing gets nothing and all things were created from the beginning by God in His own wisdom and majesty- Pfft a laboratory like the big Frankenstein in the sky. moron
    Who made the lab?
    Who made the scientist?
    Who made anything and everything possible?

    1. Exactly what you asked. Indeed God made the scientist. For a reason. And you have placed yourself above God by denigrating His creation with slurs and jibes like “moron,” stupid ass,” and “pukes.” Your judgements have been noted.
      You enjoy the benefits of science, which in my estimation is the study of how everything works. I believe God made everything. Scientists had to try and figure out how God made a heart function. I bet you would want a heart transplant if you needed one. And you just might.

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