Woman Kicked Out of Public Housing for Turning Home into a Brothel During Pandemic

A woman who took her professional sex work home during the coronavirus pandemic reportedly has been removed from UK public housing amid complaints from neighbors over her allegedly “loud” operations.

Nicola Parry, 29, is said to have hosted up to 10 clients at a time in her Wythenshawe, Manchester, home, according to arguments heard by the local Magistrates’ Court, reported the Daily Mail, which noted that customers would queue up in cars along the block beginning in the morning while waiting to work with Parry.

Her booming business supposedly caused disruptive noise at all hours.

Constraints due to COVID-19 had taken the small business owner’s work from an established brothel in Manchester’s city center back to her suburban home during a period of government-mandated restrictions between November 2020 and February 2021.

According to prosecutor Robin Lynch, the mother of one had also asked a neighbor to look after her 6-year-old son one morning while she was working, according to the Daily Mail.

Police were compelled to intervene after a vigilant neighbor — who evidently spent a lot of time in her garden outside the courtesan’s apartment — provided a log of Parry’s appointments, including details of “three working girls” who arrived at her home to provide additional support. One of the complaining neighbors alleged that she had been mistaken for a sex worker herself and was solicited by one of Parry’s clients.

Nicola Parry, a 29-year-old mom of one, usually works with clients out of a brothel in Manchester City — until COVID-19 restrictions shuttered the establishment.

The dispute escalated when Parry took to her roof to shout down detractors in her neighborhood, ordering the “f–king bitches” to confess “which one of you has done it,” in reference to a letter of complaint she had received from the housing association.

But the situation soon became dangerous for Parry and others when she found herself in peril at the home of a client in Denton, England — following backlash from her neighbors. Naked, she ran into traffic to “attract attention” of passersby and escape a reportedly abusive client. Police were called to the scene and arrested Parry.

The recently displaced prostitute has since set up shop in an apartment above a massage therapy clinic in Blackpool after admitting to charges related to indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and drug possession.

Parry told authorities she preferred to work out of a brothel, but COVID-19 restrictions had forced her business home.

Nicola Parry's former home in Wythenshawe
Nicola Parry has since left her subsidized unit in Wythenshawe and moved into a flat in Blackpool, above a massage clinic.

“As a result of COVID, she was unable to work, so she decided to work from home,” said defense lawyer John Mitchell.

“That caused issues, the neighbors got involved and the police are called. She then started working elsewhere, and that led to the incident in Denton,” he explained. “She was attacked in that house and when she has escaped, she has caused the nuisance to attract the police.”

A probation court report added testimony that Parry suffered from substance abuse issues with cocaine and acknowledged the risks involved in prostitution.

“She does currently live and work in a parlor,” they said. “There are risks in that, but she shouldn’t be subjected to harassing behavior.

“She finds herself in a difficult situation. She’s only allowed contact with her son once a week for an hour a week at the moment,” the court added. “It’s a very difficult situation for her.”

Parry was ordered to complete a six-month drug rehabilitation program and 12 months of community service, plus pay additional fines and damages.

Original Article: https://nypost.com/2021/10/13/loud-prostitute-kicked-out-of-public-housing-for-pandemic-wfh/

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