6 thoughts on “George Clooney Says He Remembers Donald Trump as ‘This Knucklehead… Chasing Girls’

  1. Clooney has a stupidity problem. Bidens been the one touching and groping women and little girls not President Trump.

    1. No, you’ve got it wrong. Women have come forward about Trump, his daughters best friend said he was creepy and was way too affectionate to Ivanka. There’s even pictures of that. Biden is an affectionate, caring man, and some people are put off by that. Trump has been very inappropriate with many women. Remember her is the one that said, “grab em by the pussys”!

  2. And what accomplishments, George have you had other than being an overpaid entertainer? Hell a prostitute qualifies as an entertainer and some of them have been far superior than you – as entertainers. Now he’s become a mediocre entertainer and a liar. I’ll take the prostitute any day! Clooney should just shut up and stay in Europe.

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