Teen is Strangled by a Homeless Person While Outdoor Dining in NYC

Video captured the moment a homeless woman appears to choke a 16-year-old while she was sitting at a restaurant in Queens, New York, according to local reports.

The suspect, identified as 36-year-old Minerva Martinez, was arrested on Saturday afternoon and charged with strangulation, an NYPD spokesperson told Insider in a statement Sunday.

Police said the incident occurred at a Watawa Sushi restaurant located in Astoria on Monday, October 4, just after 5 p.m.

NYPD Crime Stoppers posted the video on Saturday which shows the unidentified teen sitting down at the restaurant when the suspect approached the victim from behind and put her in a brief chokehold before walking away.

Police said the victim “sustained pain, redness, and swelling, but was not transported to a hospital.”

According to the New York Post, police said they were initially looking for a man when seeking information from the public, but later arrested Martinez in connection to this incident.

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