2 thoughts on “Dog The ‘Brian Laundrie’ Hunter Sued For $1.3 Million For Racist & Homophobic Behavior In Unreleased Show

  1. Who the hell cares! Anyone that looks up to Duane “the Dog” Chapman as a role model is a bit screwy! So what if he is recorded (illegally) during a private conversation between him and his ungrounded son! It was a private conversation, not public statements. His privicy is his and his alone and what he does with it is his alone. What’s next, sued or arrested for thinking bad thoughts? Hell, they have criminals committing crimes, like killing people in broad daylight, on film, in front of witnesses, screaming profanities and racists chants. And what happens to them? NOTHING! The rigged, Leftist legal system let’s them walk while the media defends them. Bottom-line, this is just B.S. and some ass-wipe trying to get a payoff and their 15 seconds of fame!

  2. I agree, private conversations with family members should be kept private. That said, he is not my cup of tea, his appearance puts me off and I can’t get past that to watch the show. I do think he’s in on the Launderie hunt for publicity and the money. John Walsh is also looking, but we don’t see him in the news. Only my opinion, whether anyone agrees.

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