6 thoughts on “Actor Goes After Jennifer Aniston For Saying, ‘No Uterus, No Opinion’ On Abortion

  1. When a baby is being knit together by God, this is now, no longer the woman’s body. She has some choices to make – but abortion should not be one of them. (If women do not want to conceive a child, they need to take precautions – like do not let yourself be in a position of being alone with a male, using contraceptives (the pill, IUD, etc.) or even permanent contraceptive,
    such as sterilization.) Otherwise, accept this as an assignment to grow a life. It is up to the woman to either give a blessing to parents unable to conceive, or think about raising the child as your own. The male also has responsibility and should not be excluded in the decision. Whether payment is needed for support, or input on adoption options or the raising of the child. Those who choose abortion (murder of a human being) should be unable to continue to produce children, in my opinion. They need to either be fined or permanent forms of contraception mandated. (For the male and female!)

    1. Men should take precautions as well. It is a lot easier for them to just slip on a condom than it is for a women to get an IUD, take a pill, or getan IUD. You must be a man!

  2. I am strongly “pro-life”, but, (and there’s ALWAYS a but), I have to agree with Jennifer.
    I know of no “MAN” who ever had a baby. And those with both sexes who have delivered a baby, the woman parts are what did it.
    No men get pregnant, women do.
    No man can carry a baby, women do.
    No man has to go through the pains of child birth. Women do.
    No man can make the final decision about ending a childs life. Women do.
    No man has to live with the guilt and shame,
    but, women do.

    So let’s put abortion to an honest national vote. But, (there it is again), only WOMEN are allowed to vote.
    Whatever THEY decide is law. And that law stays in effect for 1 generation then they vote on it again.

    Guys, get over it. Women SHOULD be in control of their bodies. So let them decide, not you…

  3. Do you see how one-sided it is to not want a women to have a say on what happens to HER body? Whichever way the baby is concieved, the MAN should be supportive since he has very little to do with the birth of a life he may or maynot be around for. Respect and treat women betterand try to understand the power that we really do have.

  4. and what about rape incent husbands that leave you or boy friends that do not want a child either they refuse to pay child support not everyone has money like you

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