3 thoughts on ““The Squad” and Progressives Give Biden 2 Weeks to Give Answers on Cancelling Student Debt

  1. As far as cancelling student debt, how does Biden think those who gave up a lot to repay their loans feel about this? What about the thousands that are still paying but the govt. already transferred their debt to an outside company which doesn’t qualify? There is much unfairness in this. Some students went to community colleges to avoid getting in debt while the ones who get their loan forgiven went to a pricey university with no chance of employment later. How do I know that they went to an unreasonably higher priced school? Just the fact that $50,000 is being wiped out. There are many employed college grads who didn’t even owe half of that because they were frugal in picking a reasonably priced school for their budget.

  2. If you borrow money, you have promised to pay it back !!!!!!! That is what the ADULT world is supposed to be like. If anything should change, it is that a student could never borrow over $40,000 for education, until it is paid back. You say that won’t pay much? Well, that is difficult for many to pay back. The available loans have become outtrageous and must stop !!!!!! Some are even for education that there’s no job for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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