6 thoughts on “Idaho Plans to Send MyPillow Guy a Bill for 2020 Election Audit

  1. You stupid f*cks, of course it was stolen, Arizona, Wisconsin, and other States are finding more and more fraud, and yes enough to make a difference. Why don’t you believe the Attorney Generals of those States. Don’t believe me, but don’t believe this lying website either. DO YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION, don’t let anyone just hand you their facts., The people on this site think YOU ARE STUPID. Prove them wrong, find out for yourselves.

  2. Liberals are pathetic and of course have smartass comments about the My Pillow guy. Anyone with a brain knows this election was full of fraud. AZ audit shows this but all the stupid liberals focus on is the machines counted the right number of ballots not whether the ballots were legal or not. They don’t care some people voted more than once, voted after they moved, were dead or that more ballots were returned than mailed out. According to their logic AZ should send their bill to the lying cheating democrats.

  3. chite in a shoe box and send Idaho the HO of states a big one to let them know what you think of their mistreatment of Mike Lindell and yes the ELECTION was stolen and this supposed media outlet can you chitin their hats too

  4. The libs can’t stand it when someone is successful through a lot of hard work. Just seeing a liberal makes me want to vomit!

  5. “Conspiracy theorist”? Are you people on dope? Anyone with half a brain and one eye knows this entire election was fraudulent.

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