UK’s Most Prolific Rapist Beaten Badly by Victim Who Fought Him Off

Reynhard Sinaga was left bloodied and bruised after one of his victims fought back against him. The mugshot taken in 2017 reveals two black eyes, bruising to his forehead and he had steri strips holding his eyebrows together.

Sinaga attacked more than 200 men but was not caught for more than a decade.

His horrific crimes came to light after he was found in a pool of blood in his apartment in Manchester city centre in 2017.

He was beaten so badly by a teenager he lured back to his flat that medical professionals believed he had a bleed on the brain.

The victim managed to escape from the flat and called the emergency services to treat his attacker.

Calling the police, the victim said: “Hello, I’ve just, I was out last night and then some guy took me to his house that I don’t want to take me to, wouldn’t let me leave his house, and he ended up trying to rape me.

“I tried to push him away, I’ve got blood on me because I tried to hit him to get away from me.

“He’s trapped me in his house for most of the night.

Reynhard Sinaga's apartment in Manchester

Reynhard Sinaga’s apartment in Manchester (Image: PA)

“I’ve had to, I know it’s violent, but I’ve had to hit him a few times just to, to stop him from attacking me, been on top of me.

“I’ve had to. I’ve got blood on my hand if you want to see? Cut, I think he might be busted so, if you have to you might have to phone an ambulance ‘cause I’ve, I’ve had to hit him a few times to get him away from me.”

Sinaga was spotted being stretchered from his home and was rushed to the MRI.

Sickenly, Sinaga asked a nurse whether he had been sexually assaulted, despite knowing he had raped hundreds of men.

Reynhard Sinaga drugged his victims

Reynhard Sinaga drugged his victims (Image: PA)

The rapist posed as a Good Samaritan and pretended to help the teenager find his friends but awoke in the middle of the attack.

The victim was initially arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

However, he handed police Sinaga’s iPhone which proved to be vital in his arrest.

Sinaga filmed the attacks on two phones and continued to give police the wrong PIN codes for the devices.

Reynhard Sinaga collected

Reynhard Sinaga collected “trophies” from his victims (Image: PA)

When he eventually gave up the PIN, he was arrested on suspicion of one count of rape.

Detectives used the footage to identify the men and explain that they believed they were targetted by the rapist.

One victim only found out what had happened when the police showed him photos taken by the rapist.

Speaking about his attack, another victim explained in the documentary: “You can see I am comatose. I look dead. It’s horrible to see.

“I was on a couch, fully clothed when I woke up. I could not remember anything.

“Then I saw someone’s feet walking round and I just froze. I couldn’t explain where I had been to my partner.

“I never thought about reporting it to the police. To say as a man I have been raped is a hard thing.

Reynhard Sinaga's apartment in Manchester

Reynhard Sinaga’s apartment in Manchester (Image: PA)

“It makes you feel so vulnerable.”

The twisted rapist also kept “trophies” from his victims including passports and wallets.

Sinaga was found guilty of 136 rapes and 14 sexual assaults – the most offences committed by one defendant in British criminal history.

However, police believe he could be guilty of assaulting at least 206 victims in his decade-long spree.

He is currently serving a 40-year sentence at HMP Wakefield and was also convicted of eight attempted rapes.

Since his crimes have become public, around 155 men contacted Greater Manchester Police.

Out of those, 23 have been identified as victims by detectives.

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