Katie Couric Will ‘Never Get A Job’ On A Network After ‘Going There’ Memoir Leak, Source Says

Katie Couric’s upcoming memoir, Going There, is already getting some people stirred up ahead of the book’s October 26 release date.

One outlet, which claims to have gotten access to the 500-page manuscript of the book, talked to sources who say the longtime anchor will “never get a job” with another television network or cable channel again. 

Katie Couric Memoir Stirring Up Trouble

In her upcoming memoir Going ThereKatie Couric apparently does go there. According to a report from the Daily Mail, which claims to have gotten its hands on the book before the October 26 release date, Couric doesn’t hold back her honest opinion on the people she met during her long and storied journalistic career. 

Reportedly, Couric wrote that Deborah Norville, whom she replaced on Today in 1991 had a “major relatability problem” with viewers thanks to her “relentless perfection.” After meeting Prince Harry at a polo match in Brazil, Couric allegedly recalled that the smell of alcohol and cigarettes seemed to “ooze from every pore.” It wasn’t just the people who Couric knew professionally that received the honest treatment.

Of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Brooks Perlin, who was 17 years younger than Couric, the seasoned anchor admitted it was a result of a “mid-life crisis.” Another ex, tv producer Tom Werner, was described by Couric as a “textbook narcissist” who dumped her via email after “love bombing” her with multiple gifts. 

Sources Already Grumbling

Naturally, with bold opinions like that, some people are already up in arms about the memoir. One anonymous source insisted to the Daily Mail that Couric “never get a job at any television network or cable channel ever again because she attacks everyone.” They added, “She’ll be stuck with her newsletter and Instagram Stories for the rest of her working life even though the book oozes of her desperation to be back on network television hosting her own show.” 

Another alleged source spitefully suggested the book change its title to “Burned Bridges by Catty Couric.” Despite these nasty jabs, a spokesperson for the publishing company behind the book, Little, Brown and Company, told the New York Post, “We’re excited for people to read Katie’s book, which is heartfelt, hilarious, and very honest. Readers will get the complete story from Katie herself about her incredible life and career.” 

Looks like all publicity is good publicity, even if the book already has some critics. The book is still unreleased, so we’ll only know what’s really in the book after it’s officially published. We can’t wait to see what Couric reveals about her fascinating life.

Original Article: Katie Couric Will ‘Never Get A Job’ On A Network After ‘Going There’ Memoir Leak, Source Says (msn.com)

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