Man Opens Emergency Door on Plane, Jumps onto Wing in Miami

In the latest installment of the ongoing saga, I like to call Hot Damn, Florida Man, Settle Down, a man in Miami opened a plane’s emergency door and walked out on the wing.

Now, I get it. No one likes being cooped on a plane all day long. The seats can be uncomfortable and the space can be small. If you add some annoying seatmates to that equation, anybody would be ready to get off as soon as possible. This particular man just couldn’t wait to exit the plane.

Before we go on, it’s fair to note that the impatient passenger wasn’t a Florida resident. However, if you do something this wild in the Sunshine State, you get the honorary title of Florida Man. The guy who decided to step out on the plane’s wing in Miami wasn’t even a United States citizen.

According to the Associated Press, the incident happened with American Airlines flight 920 touched down. The flight took passengers from Cali, Columbia to Miami, Florida. When the plane landed at Miami International Airport, the Honorary Florida Man opened the emergency door and stepped out onto the wing.

You might think that someone who was willing to fly all the way to Miami just to walk on a plane’s wing would put up a fight. However, it seems that he sewed all of his wild oats with the stunt. When authorities came to get him, he went peacefully. In a statement, American Airlines said that law enforcement immediately detained the man. The Airline also showed its gratitude for others involved in the incident. “We thank our team members and law enforcement for their professionalism and quick action.”

More About the Man Who Jumped on the Plane’s Wing in Miami

WPLG 10, a Miami-based ABC affiliate had more details on the incident. In their coverage, we learned that the man jumped onto the wing as other passengers were exiting the plane at the Miami airport. Furthermore, they reported that he didn’t stay on the wing for long. He jumped down and walked away. In the video, we can see a flight attendant standing on the wing looking for him.

Additionally, the local news source believes they have the Honorary Florida Man’s name. According to their sources, his name is Christian Sabula and he’s 33 years old.

Since American Airlines Flight 902 was an international flight, local police weren’t the ones who arrested Sabula. Instead, officers from Customs and Border Protection took him into custody moments after his wing-walking stunt.

It was a strange incident, even for Florida. Luckily, though, it didn’t cause any delays at the airport. Everyone else on the plane walked down the ramp and moved on to their next destination without issue.

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