Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’ll Vote For Bill If Trump is Put Back in White House

Republican Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday night derided the $1 trillion infrastructure bill Democrats are trying to pass in the House this week, saying that she would vote in favor of it if former president Donald Trump was returned back to the White House and November’s election was decertified.

The infrastructure bill would provide $550 billion in new spending on different areas including high-speed internet access, the development of roads and bridges, as well as airport projects and the Amtrak passenger rail service. But progressives have vowed to oppose the measure until they saw a far-reaching bill that funded paid family leave, universal prekindergarten, medicare expansion and strong measures to combat climate change.

A make-or-break vote was due to take place on Thursday on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said it would be pushed back to Friday, allowing the Democrats more time to reach an agreement on a wide-ranging climate change and social safety net that liberals would agree on.

Pelosi left the Capitol in the small hours of Friday morning, as she held last-minute negotiations with Democrats and progressives about the bill. She had spent much of Thursday insisting that she would get the bill to the House floor that day.

In a tweet late on Thursday, Rep. Greene ridiculed the bill. She said she would vote in favor but only with certain conditions attached, including putting Trump back in the White House. She also called for the firing of White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and an investigation into Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

“Ok so everyone is making deals tonight,” Green tweeted. “Here’s my offer to the Speaker. I’ll vote YES if you.. 1. Decertify election 2. Trump back in the WH 3. Fire Fauci 4. Expel Maxine 5. Investigate Ilhan 6. Build the Wall – close the border 7. End mask/vaccine mandates. Deal?”

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill was negotiated over the summer by a bipartisan group of senators and the White House. The Senate approved the legislation in August, with 19 GOP senators joining the Democrats to vote in favor of it.

The Democrats are also trying to pass a broader $3.5 trillion bill to expand the social safety net, with legislation covering a broad range of issues, including climate change, energy, families, immigration, taxes and welfare.

Greene has repeatedly criticized the Democrats’ spending plans.

On September 28 she claimed to have read the 3,000-page spending bill and alleged it has allocated $25 million each to support desert fish, freshwater mussels, butterflies, and endangered plants in Hawaii.

The government nearly faced a shutdown at the end of this week, as legislation of how to keep the government funded until December 3 failed to pass in the Senate. With only hours to spare President Joe Biden signed legislation to avoid a partial federal shutdown and risking a potentially catastrophic default.

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  1. How can it be that we have so many persons in this Congress who have no idea what the US Constitution says or does not say. Since the Constitution says that the only way to remove a President once sworn in is by impeachment and found guilty by the Senate. That decertification was already tried a lot of times to the states and once on 6 Jan, where it was in no way successful. It seems like we have a lot of persons out there that have been convinced because of their lack of education and lack of interest in actually how a democracy works and want to change it to an Autocratic Government like the so called Communist countries have, where one person makes all the laws, appoints the Congress and the courts so every thing that ruler says is never questioned. A lot seem to support that until they have to live under those rulers, Egypt and Turkey are prime examples, they use to have a Democracy after WWII, then recently most were convinced that having one person make all the rules would be great, because they were convinced that ruler would make the laws he said he would make, but surprise, surprise, that ruler made only laws which his rich friends support, and now most live in poverty.

    1. The people wanting these deals have every right to point out the unfair tactics of the left….not only unfair…but downright criminal. The Constitution should have exceptions made (via the Supreme Court) that recognizes the extraordinary circumstances never before done to a Presidential Candidate (since the extreme methods of cheating would not even be a thought back when the Constitution was written -with the Dominion Machines purposely turning Trump votes into Biden votes – along with Reps and Senate) How could they ever imagine that a party would be so desperate (because they had no platform and were set to lose badly) that they would resort to this evil that has been
      done to millions of voters….canceling their voices. WE all need to be downright fed up with the feet dragging on this issue. Something needs to be done and ASAP – we need our legal president back!! Thank you MTG for standing up for us and for not forgetting us!! You have said what we have all been thinking!!! Well done!

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