Three Dismembered Bodies Found in a Dumpster Leads to an Arrest in Texas

A 41-year-old man was detained in connection to three dismembered bodies that were found inside a burning dumpster in Texas.

Fort Worth Police arrested Jason Alan Thornburg on Monday night in connection to the triple homicide. He will face a charge of capital murder of multiple persons and is being held at Tarrant County Jail on a $1 million bond, police said during a news conference Tuesday.

Developing story in Fort Worth.

Dumpster on fire at this spot Wednesday morning had dismembered bodies of adult male, teen/adult female and a young child inside.— Jason Allen (@CBS11JasonAllen) September 24, 2021

The remains were found after 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday after the Fort Worth Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire outside of a business on Bonnie Drive. Once the flames were extinguished, firefighters discovered three bodies in the waste bin and called the police.

The Fort Worth Police Department initially believed the bodies were that of a child, a teenager or adult female, and an adult male but later clarified they were all adults. All of the remains were burned and heavily dismembered with some of the body parts unaccounted for.

The male victim was identified as 42-year-old David Lueras, who was known to frequent the Dallas area and had ties to the Hurst, Euless and Bedford areas. Investigators said the victim’s tattoos helped them identify him.

The other two bodies, both believed to be females, were in a worse condition that made the process of identifying them difficult. However, police now believe they know their identities but did not release them.

“This case was shocking and unsettling, and we knew bringing someone to justice in this case was paramount,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said Tuesday.

Police were able to identify Thornburg because his vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, was captured on security footage. Investigators then cross-referenced more than 7,000 vehicles in the area when they found Thornburg’s name on the list.

Investigators said during the press conference that they were familiar with the man because he was a person of interest in another suspicious death that occurred in the same area in May. At the time, they did not have probable cause to arrest him.

Police located Thornburg’s vehicle and learned that he was staying at a motel in Euless. Security footage obtained from the business depicts a resident exiting a room of the motel carrying plastic bins to a vehicle that investigators said they believe to be the victims’ body parts.

Detectives made contact with Thornburg and asked him to come to the station where he allegedly confessed to being involved with the deaths of the victims found in the dumpster. He also “went into intimate details” about how he killed them, according to police.

Thornburg reportedly also confessed to the suspicious death in May and said he killed a woman in another state, police said during the briefing.

Investigators would not share details about if anything was found in Thornburg’s hotel room citing an ongoing investigation. But they said that Lueras had been living in the same room as Thornburg for at least a few days.

“He does not have an extensively violent criminal history,” said Homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman. “But he did not give us any details that would be able to (help us) ascertain why somebody would do something like this.”

An affidavit indicates that Thornburg told police he had detailed knowledge of the Bible and believed he was being called to perform sacrifices, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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  1. Human life doesn’t seem to have any value any longer. I do not understand this type of action, except that perhaps it is time to re-open all our mental institutions and put people like this killer into it.

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