7 thoughts on “Mary Trump calls Donald Trump Jr. her ‘stupidest’ relative

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  2. Wow…guess she’s butt hurt over something…She’s WORSE than anyone I’ve ever seen or heard speaking. She has so much ANGER in her that is always on display. Her father supported his brother during his campaign for the White House and I’m guessing she’s angry at her daddy for doing that. She needs mental help…

  3. Please correct me, if I am wrong. I remember reading, that Marys father died when he was 42 or 44 years old. Since he was the older brother of Donald, he could not have supported Donalds campaign for the presidency.

    1. I know there was a brother that supported him, I thought it was her father. You almost need a chart to keep up with them. But she’s still an angry, bitter, butt hurt woman-child looking for attention and $$$$…She almost could be a match for Hunter Biden. All he wants is attention and $$$$ too…

  4. Mary Trump is a miserable person, funny she’s a psychologist but she’s in need of one. I read she was left out of her father’s will and they didn’t have any relationship sounds like most of her family disowned her, can see why.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Guess she still has issues with her late father. Kinda sad, but with what she’s been spouting as of late I can see why her family will have nothing to do with her. All she wants is $$$$ and attention is my guess.

  5. I think she s the stupid one and she wants any attention she can get. Hes must really have very unhappy life I don t know how she can help others when she cant stand her self.. (As they say you have to love yourself before you can love any one else.)

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