Los Angeles mother and daughter charged after botched butt implant procedure leaves aspiring social media star dead

A mother and daughter living in Los Angeles have been charged with murder after performing an unauthorized butt implant procedure on an aspiring actress and social media star, who died later the same day.

Karissa Rajpaul moved from South Africa to California just prior to her death in a bid to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry, ABC7 reported. Shortly after her arrival, she underwent an illegal plastic surgery, performed by 51-year-old Libby Adame and 23-year-old Alicia Galaz, to enhance her backside.

The 26-year-old even posted a video of one of the augmentations on social media, which is now part of an ongoing investigation to her death.

“These individuals have no medical training,” LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton told ABC7. “They’re not experienced and they’re putting people’s lives at risk.”a woman smiling and posing for the camera: Libby Adame (left) and Alicia Galaz

Investigators suspect that while the pair did rely on substances typically used by cosmetic professionals, they also combined them with other more dangerous chemicals.

“They were mixing them with chemicals and other substances that clearly are not appropriate for any medical procedure that would be performed on a human,” Hamilton said.

Rajpaul died in a hospital on Oct. 15, 2019, the same day she underwent the procedure.

Authorities arrested both Adame and Galaz, believed to be mother and daughter, on Aug. 5 and they have since been charged with Rajpaul’s murder.

The following day, Adame was released on $1 million bond. Galaz was released on Aug. 7, according to jail records.

Police have requested anyone with information or have undergone a procedure performed by the pair to come forward.

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