Scary Clowns Seen Near Schools, Parents Spooked

Parents in Singapore were startled to see social media posts regarding scary clowns staring at their children in different schools.

Police stated that they had received multiple reports of the incident.

However, it was part of a stunt aimed at promoting enrichment and speech classes among students.

“There was no evil intention behind the costumes and we sincerely apologise for it,” the director at Speech Academy Asia Kevin Tan said. “We will not do it again.”

Wong, a mother of nine-year-old Anne, said that she was stuck in traffic and was late to pick up her daughter from school.

The woman said that she came across a series of social media posts that mentioned that people wearing scary clown outfits and makeup were seen moving around schools.

Wong, who had mentioned that her child was nowhere to be seen, was reunited with her daughter inside the school where she was under protection during the chaos.

It was also reported that students were paid money to follow the clowns. However, Tan has refuted the reports.

Wong was left seething with the “foolhardy stunt”.

“This is any parent’s worst fear. What if they turned out to be psychopaths and murderers wanting to harm children?” she said.

She added, “Who in the world would think hiring men dressed up as clowns to confront children would be a good idea?”

A Singapore minister did not find the event to be amusing and it was dangerous.

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