3 thoughts on “Women who took MAGA hat, tore up Trump sign get probation

  1. The guy who was with them said the harassment they received was punishment’s enough. I disagree they brought this on themselves, thought they were so tough when they were doing it. They should have gotten more of a sentence than they did but typical liberals always seem to have less consequences than others.

  2. They didn’t look very ashamed during the video of them harassing the child and his family. More likely their sorry for getting caught. These type of people along with Antifa are the home grown terrorists the FBI should be worried about, not Trump supporters who they would like everyone to believe are racists and terrorists. Trump supporters don’t generally go around harassing innocent people unless they are accompanied by FBI informants and agents posing as Trump supporters who are there to induce them to commit crimes like kidnapping a Governor or breaking into the capital. Yes some Trump supporters are stupid and can be lured to do stupid things but most are just everyday average Americans who are sick of the political establishment in this country and just want their country back. Their also sick of the left and the media constantly calling them deplorables, racists and homegrown terrorists. That is why they are going to vote democrats and RINOS out of office in 2022, and If the left and their media lap dogs keeps trying to demonize them and Trump their also gonna vote Trump back in to office in 2024. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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