9 thoughts on “Michigan father files $1 million lawsuit after teacher chops off daughter’s curly hair without permission

  1. From what I read about this story from a different source, this story is a total fabrication. Either the first story I read got essential facts wrong or this story is totally misleading and racist. I suggest if you read this story and are bothered by it, you go to other reports concerning it and do your own research.

    1. I also read a non racist version of this.. looks like someone looking for a windfall without lifting a finger. Not only that, my child would not go out in public looking like she was not groomed. This kids hair looked like she has just d rolled out of bed. And I don’t give a flying fig what race you are. Get that out of your face,eyes. Children need too hav the least distractions, they have zero attentive span. Hair combed put away,clothes clean, and fitted. Shoes that really tie not flips,sandals,Crocs, also put on socks. Bermuda shorts not daisy Mae’s,t shirts or blouses. Not bras camisoles.. bad enough the teachers promote communism ,socialism, and want the children too be goose steppers. If your go8ng too send your kid too gov. School, the baseline of honesty and patriotism must start at home too counter genocide of america

  2. I agreed with the father until he brings up race. Race had nothing to do with this and people always have to go to that, I guess they think the school will settle faster if they scream racist. The kid on the bus should be punished and the people at school but none of this is racist. I don’t know if this father is aware but black people aren’t the only ones with curly hair.

  3. The child looks absolutely adorable either way her hair is. No teacher has the right to cut a young child’s hair without the parents permission. Racial or not. It’s time for teachers to be taught that they are there to teach children, not politically indoctrinate them, not try to take over decisions that should only be made by the parents, and not to think that because their are entrusted to care, teach and protect children in their care that they are above the parents. It’s time for teachers to get back into their place and to quit thinking they have the right to make decisions on the child’s behalf that are not theirs to make.The only time they should interfere between a child and a parents choice on how to raise their child is if the child is being harmed by a parent.

  4. The Democrats have broken so many laws without getting punished that we now have everybody braking laws thinking they can get away with it.

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