7 thoughts on “Footage shows a sea of blood after close to 1,500 dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands

  1. Why aren’t they all “in shock” about the many millions of innocent preborn babies brutally butchered in horrible pain everywhere and the murderers are never arrested??

  2. The “Grind” needed to come to a grinding halt long before this happened. If you do not have the numbers to do a ‘traditional hunt” then the hunt needs not to happen or maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to stop the tradition or create a different one. Why should any animal suffer at the hands of man?

    1. It’s a cultural tradition that we don’t comprehend but it’s no reason for finger pointing when we don’t value innocent human lives while demanding murderers be set free. I wonder what they think of us?

  3. Very much agree with 65jack. It is amazing how many tears are shed for other animal species but our own. Not condoning the murder of all these dolphins and whales. I believe very much in most Native Americans way of thinking that you need to use the whole animal (as much as is possible), or there is no need to kill them. However, instead of crying for the many babies killed in the womb and in some cases after birth (legally), people want the woman’s ‘rights’ to be considered. Sorry, you gave up those rights when your baby was conceived. Pretty sure if people were killing baby dolphins and whales there would be an outcry the like of those yelling on the side of abortion.

    Hopefully the ‘Grind’ will either come to a complete halt, or be modified. And sorry, the man in charge should be held accountable no matter how sorry he is. But glad that he is.

  4. The grind are a bunch of want to be hunters/fisherman that ought to have the same thing done to them. Doesn’t take too much skill to stab helpless dolphins or whales that are out of the water and not able to move……sick fucks.

    1. When we see stories where dolphins & whales have protected humans from the mouths of sharks; it’s time to find another tradition because these beautiful creatures can serve a better purpose just being who they are. To compare this barbaric behavior to abortions — it’s just not the same. Animals will abandon their young that have issues to die on their own, whereas humans, both male & female, decide the fate of an unborn child.

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