6 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin pleads not guilty in excessive force case involving 14-year-old boy

  1. I still don’t think this cop killed George Floyd the guy was full of drugs and in poor health. George Floyd was a criminal who fought with police, This story about the 14 year old makes me think there is more to the story. I have 3 kids and I know where they are and they aren’t doing things to get stopped by the cops. I think this kids family thinks now is the time to get a paycheck. At some point these parents need to be held accountable for not knowing where their kids are and not letting them roam the streets.

  2. The three of you Guys are SICK. Until something like what happens to George Floyd hits home for you you’ll realize that Chauvin is a murderer and deserves what he got , He should rot in jail.

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