4 thoughts on “Newsom’s Anti-Trump Recall Strategy Offers a Warning for 2022 Midterms

  1. The odds were 10-1 Nuisance would continue to ruin dark blue CA. It shows nothing for the 2022 mid terms. America is not CA and the loss of a House seat clearly shows it. The recall itself in CA is a precursor of the sentiment of the nation as a whole. Expect a red tsunami in 2022.

  2. Omg he’s such a jerk! Narcissist! He has caused so much pain in our country w/his bullying & lies & illegal underhanded dealings. I am a registered Republican but I’m changing that, he & all his cohorts are idiots -very scary the way they all suck up to him! They too treat us like we’re stupid.

  3. Newsome may be able to stay as Governor in California, but, his days as Governor are numbered. He is on the list to be arrested by the military and be the honored guest at his own tribunal. He asked for it with his criminal activity aginst California and the United States of America. Good riddance to trash!

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