13 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Mental Health Becomes an Issue Again

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  2. Do you not see that the Democrats are trying to get everyone attention from Joe Biden’s mental state! President Trump is more Stable on his worse day that Biden has ever been!

  3. Who writes this crap? Trump is fine maybe you should concern yourself with the loser who’s in the White House and shouldn’t be.

      1. I live in upstate New York. I hope you are at least 2500 miles from me. Stink air pollution!

  4. Molly needs to be put in a mental hospital. Maybe she will learn what sociopaths are because she IS one!

  5. Politicians hate Trump because he is smarter than they will ever be. Trump has proven that business minded type of people do better in taking care of America’s problems that these no nothing politicians that have no idea in handling Americans business with other countries. All the politicians know is how to make money under the table by doing favors for crooked people with their position.

  6. Let’s have Trump and Bite Me tested for cognitive ability – and have results immediately published by all MSM.
    We could probably find someone to help Molly understand the results.
    Buck Fiden

  7. I was just wondering when anybody would realize that there is huge issue with both our President and Vice Presidents Mental states!!!!
    Dose he have to play with himself or touch another child be for something is done about him?
    Communism used to be a very dirty word and still is, I don’t care what “New” name you have given it. It only works for those in charge, look at the countries who already have a power hunger persons in charge, their residents are flooding our borders Now!!! It’s past time to wake up, the trash that has been feed to our children is now coming back to haunt us.

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