Nurse Who Threatened to Kill Kamala Harris Charged

Florida nurse, Niviane Petit Phelps is accused of plotting to kill Vice President Kamala Harris. She admitted in federal court that she threatened to kill Vice President Kamala Harris in a series of videos sent to her incarcerated husband, authorities said Monday.

Niviane Phelps, who told her husband she had accepted $53,000 to carry out the “hit” within 50 days, was arrested after applying for a concealed weapon permit in February, according to prosecutors. The 39-year-old mother of three told the officers who handled the case that if they had not come to her house, she “doesn’t know” what would have happened, authorities said.

Phelps pleaded guilty to a six-count indictment Friday and faces up to five years behind bars when she’s sentenced on Nov. 19.

The 30-second video clips obtained by federal investigators show the Miami resident making threats against Harris and screaming curse words, the Justice Department said in a news release. She recorded some of the videos herself but also had her children record some, according to the release.

The videos were shared with her husband through JPay, an app that allows inmates to communicate with their friends and family.

Phelps also sent a photograph of herself holding a firearm with a target sheet at a gun range just two days before applying for a gun permit, authorities said.Kamala Harris holding a sign: Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a campaign event for California Gov. Gavin Newsom at the IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training Center in San Leandro, Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 8.  

There was no evidence anyone actually paid her any money to assassinate the vice president. Her mother told local news station NBC 6 that Phelps is “sick” and “doesn’t even know what she’s doing.”

The former nurse had worked for Jackson Health System for 20 years. She was reportedly fired after the arrest.

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  1. Are the Feds going to arrest about 80% of the citizens in the United States & her territories & the others living in other countries for thinking of doing the same thing?

  2. People are saying and doing whatever they want and getting away the it. Threats;slander; murder,bullying etc. No one is above the law.kle

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