12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Predicts America Will End Within 3 Years

  1. If THINGS continue to go the way they are going, the USA will probably cease to exist the way that it has for the last approximately 250 years. In my opinion, the two party system is the main reason that it has lasted this long. The Democrats of today are trying to destroy this two party system that we have. You can figure out the ways that they are trying to accomplish this task if you are paying attention. I have been doing so for about 80 years.

  2. No they did steal the election the Democrats are destroying America and the people better wise up before you lose all of your freedom Democrats lie cheat an give your hard earn taxes to the illegal what are they giving you higher gas prices food and Medical and taking away your rights the are the racist Dividing our country God bless America

  3. Love President Trump!! He is right in saying if we allow this clueless, corrupt administration in power – in 3 years we may not have the America left that we once knew and loved. It has, in only 8 months, become a communist-like state that takes away the freedoms of the people and keeps them afraid to live life as usual. The so-called pandemic was a plan-demic…a corrupt group of people dreamed up to perpetrate upon the masses – not just the USA. It was done to control us as much as they are able. Maybe an experiment, to see how far they can force us in the “obedience” department. We need President Trump much more than he needs us! These are the last years of his life. He should be enjoying them and spending his money on himself and his family. Instead he demonstrates every day how much he really cares about America, through his involvement in trying to keep this nation prosperous and well….and blessed by God.

    PS – There is ample proof of election fraud….which is a very sorry statement as to who we are able to trust anymore in the US. Our poll workers are mostly trust worthy, but we need to vet them and have them watched because a few have ruined it for all of them. We have to go back to fill-in ballots, no mail ins, unless there is a doctor’s excuse or military, and NO machines! Much of the fraud came from China, Germany, Italy and other nations…..the Space Force has all of this info. and will present it when the audits are done. OUR REAL PRESIDENT IS TRUMP!!! We demand him back!

      1. It’s going to take America longer than that to recuperate from the LIAR. Trump

  4. Trump, as usual, spreads tidbits all over the place in hopes that some of them take root and continue to spread the lies and false innuendos that is his standard practice. He continues to add to the 30,000+ lies that he spoke during
    His presidency. This is NOT America. This is NOT democracy. This is a continuation of Trump’s attempt to subordinate the government to his own authoritarian needs. UGH! When are the GOP elected officials going to wake up and repudiate this worthless ex-president.

  5. We have a President that Pelosi wanted to stay in his basement and not campaign? Why? She got him placed as President by voting by mail that she was pushing because of the pandemic that seems to be helped along by Fauci a Pelosi supporter. This should be a movie. Biden is only allowed to rule by script. Who is in charge that keeps cutting Biden off from answering questions? Who is really at the helm? They sure are trying to keep Biden from saying anything off script. I can say I don’t blame them. Biden don’t even know where he is at times and can’t say anything that makes sense. There are a lot of this in nursing homes. Maybe we can rescue one the next election.

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