‘Real-Life Tarzan’ Has Died And People Blame His New ‘Modern Life’

Lang, his brother Tri and their dad fled civilisation during the Vietnam War in 1972 after a US bomb killed his wife and two of their children. Just eight years ago, after a lifetime in the jungle and his father still having a ‘profound phobia of returning as he did not believe that the Vietnam War was over’, he was ‘rescued’ and reintegrated with society.

While he was said to be ‘adapting to his new life’ well, despite struggling with bacteria hitting his system for the first time back in 2013, some fear the ‘civilised’ world may be to blame for his death.

Lang passed away recently from liver cancer. His friend Alvaro Cerezo said his modern lifestyle, with more processed foods and occasional alcohol, may have seriously affected him.

‘I’m so sad to see him go, but for me his passing is also a liberation because I know he was suffering in the last months,’ he said, as per the MailOnline.

‘He was a beautiful human being, to forget him will be impossible, I will miss him everyday. But I didn’t like seeing him living in civilisation. I was always concerned that he and his body wouldn’t be able to handle such a drastic change.’

Cerezo met Lang through his work with Docastaway, spending time with him in the jungle and observing all the ways he’d survive, like hunting for prey by any means necessary, and eating and living entirely off the wilderness, whether it’s fruit, honey, monkey, snake, lizard, frog or other creatures.

‘He was the most fascinating person I ever met and extremely sweet at the same time. When we were surviving together in the jungle, everything that would take me hours to achieve, he could do it in seconds. He was a little kid with the skills of a superhuman,’ Cerezo said.

Original Article: https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/real-life-tarzan-has-died-and-people-blame-his-new-modern-life/

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