Man Who Tattooed His Whole Body Shows What He Looked Like Before

A body modification fan has shown off his new tattoos, which leaves just a few areas on his face untouched.

The man, known as Remy, has covered nearly his entire body in ink, sharing detailed pictures of the work to his 161,000 followers on Instagram.

As well as his tattoos, Remy has piercings and ear stretchers all over his face, including one above and below his lips.

New pictures showcase the silver detail added to the huge eye tattoo on his torso. Posting the snaps online, he wrote: “Close up of the silver additions to my eye tattoo…

“I’ve been around awhile now, and people have become attached to different facets of my tattoos over the years, but one thing I’ll never apologise for is continuing to change and grow.

“If you liked some other version of my tattoos more, the good news is those pictures still exist.

“I’ll be moving onto bigger and more interesting things whether it bothers some people or not.”

Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy
Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

Prior to this, Remy posted a short clip of the ink job alongside the caption: “The next steps will be even more ambitious, stay tuned for lots more!”

According to The Sun, it’s not clear how much he’s spent on tats over the years – but you can bet it’s set him back a pretty penny.

As for the fans, they absolutely love his latest addition, with one writing: “God damn, that looks amazing!”

“It’s coming along nicely,” said another, while a third another simply wrote: “So killer bro!”

Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy
Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

If you’re wondering what he looked like before he became a human canvas, Remy often shares before and after pictures on his Insta page @ephemeral_remy.

In the most recent, he uploaded a snap of him back in 2005, where he’s shown with just some face piercings – no ink in sight.

The after picture sees Remy with his various piercings and stretchers, alongside tats all over his head, including two above his eyebrows.

Needless to say, his followers were shocked at the transformation.

Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy
Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

“Damn, you look so different from 2005 man,” wrote one user, followed by a second who said: “Way better now.”

Although Remy’s spent a lot of time under the needle, by the sounds of things he’s still got plenty more to come.

“When you get tattooed every week for many years on end you reach many points you could consider ‘endings’ to your journey,” he told his fans.

Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy
Credit: Instagram/@ephemeral_remy

“But at some point the journey itself becomes more important than the pieces you collect along the way.

“If you do this sort of thing just for an image you are missing out on the best part of the experience.”

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  1. I think it’s sad, that he wanted to do this to his body.
    It’s a dysmorphic mental thing. Insecure and lack of confidence in himself. This way he can hide behind all the people tats. One question, is his black skin all ink too? What about his bottom half? If he lives a long time, say at 80, will he regret it.

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