13 thoughts on “Transgender fighter wins debut after choking out opponent in second round

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  2. If a man wants to become a woman the first thing they need to do is get their penis and balls chopped off. Then install a vagina and Fallopian tubes, a Uterus and Ovaries and become a full woman able to reproduce! Full breasts should also be installed! Otherwise you remain a man! As soon as the newly created woman shows proof by DNA that they are no longer a Man, then they can call themselves a Woman! Provide that proof to the sports league before you are able to compete against REAL women.

    1. He would still be a man just in a costume that’s been altered you can chop off and rearrange but your DNA will still say male

  3. Like I say ,this is your next genocide. . Males pretending too be females, heavier,muscular,robotic,and more deadly. With zero
    moralss, ethics, or conscience

  4. This makes me sick it’s still guy and HE shouldn’t count this as a win. I guess he couldn’t beat the guys so this way he can win.

  5. I support gays and transgenders. We have no idea what these people go through. But, I stop my support when it comes to a female, formerly a man, competing against females. As far as I’m concerned, she won nothing except to show her opponent how unfair life is. If the straight (for lack of a better word) athlete doesn’t stand up to these officials and just walk off the court or field and say I will not compete with a male, it will continue. As I see it right now, they are the only ones who can stop this unfairness.

  6. This is so wrong! First, it is unfair on all women and I don’t see the so called liberated ladies screaming about it. God made two genders, male and female and no matter what you chop off or attach, the DNA stays the same and a man will always be a man, and a female will always be a female. God doesn’t make mistakes!

  7. Im so impressed!
    Another mentally deranged man has beaten the shit out of another woman, but its ok because hes pretending like hes actually a woman.

    Im equally impressed with the number of idiots in this world that are actually perpetuating the falsehood that a man can stop being male just because he put on some poorly fitting panties and maybe some rouge on his cheeks.

    Fools and Idiots!
    Judgement awaits!

  8. If transgender “women” want to compete in sports, they should have to compete against other transgender “women”. That’s the only way it’s a fair fight.

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