5 thoughts on “Police Chief ‘Unexpectedly’ Resigns Along with Every Single Officer

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  2. I guess fritz will have to strap on a gun (or sweet talk some crook out of doing something bad – maybe call a counselor) and do the job himself – for the same money the officers were making. Sure makes the residents feel safe huh? Especially now that every crook in the US knows that Kimberling has no cops! Way to go, liberals, enjoy the outcome you wanted! Won’t happen here in FL.

  3. Liberals are so stupid. To have a peaceful society and a culture, we need police. But liberals are to stupid to understand.

  4. In this day and age, I would no more want to be a police officer than fly to the moon. If they all resign, good for them. Management knew of the problems but did nothing about making changes, now they can go out on patrol and see how they like it!

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