11 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel says unvaccinated people shouldn’t get ICU beds in his return to his late-night show

  1. Jimmy Kimmel is a loser comedian nobody gives a rats a** what that loser thinks. Kimmel another democrat who believes anything CNN says, BS!

  2. Actually I agree; people have a right to be stupid, but do not have a right to be rescued from their stupidity.

    IMO that applies to both leftists AND anti-vaxxers. Liberty means you don’t have to get a shot, consequences mean if you die, good riddance.

    1. Ok then what about those not waring seatbelt and get into an accident. refuse to give them are? Good luck with taking that poison and wearing those useless masks . You idiotic dims are the ones that need to die off .

  3. Kimmel is a nazi, you now know he would be leading the Jews to the gas chambers. He bought into the media hate against the unvaccinated just like the nazi propaganda machine told people Jews were filthy! Additionally if the unvaccinated shouldn’t get an ICU bed who are you reserving them for, the vaccinated! Do you realize how ignorant that sounds?

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