6 thoughts on “Feds Ask Marjorie Taylor Greene to Account for Over $3.5M in Donations

  1. Pelosi and the other democrats should really stop harassing MTG,this is clearly coming from that band of losers. Just looking forward to when the tables are turned on all of them.

      1. It isn’t that and you know it they are only doing this NOW because she stands up to the scum God, are you always this ignorant?

      2. Oh and I think the people would like an accounting of all the money that was raised for Haiti that Hillary the old pig stole. Funny how those accountings are never demanded, if they do they would end up committing suicide. Funny how that works when it comes to democrats.

  2. Well, since when do the Dems follow that rule for how much is permitted in donations? Ex. George Soros indirectly supports them all! Remember? He is the demented atheist billionaire that has his nose into everything harmful to this nation….including the propaganda new media. He is out to destroy us, and by supporting Planned Parenthood, Open Door Society, Antifa and BLM..etc. that is exactly what he is doing. If I was MTG, I would ask them to look into this in each Dem. candidate’s campaigns. If they don’t. neither should she be investigated.

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