Americans Emailed Pence, Officials Asking to Remove Trump From Office After Capitol Riot

Members of the public pushed members of former President Donald Trump‘s cabinet to remove him from office in the wake of the Capitol riot, according to emails that were recently released.

Trump faced harsh scrutiny from both Democrats and Republicans after the January 6 insurrection for encouraging the behavior by pushing the message that the election was stolen from him. The House of Representatives passed a resolution urging former Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove Trump from office and make him the interim president until President Joe Biden‘s inauguration.

It wasn’t just members of Congress that urged the cabinet to take drastic action against Trump. A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request uncovered emails showing citizens also made the request. NBC‘s Scott MacFarlane posted two of the emails on Twitter, which were addressed to Pence, as well as former Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette and Trump’s cabinet in general.

“President Trump has spent months inciting these events through his anti-democratic rhetoric and actions,” one email said. “This is not the time for small steps or half-actions. It’s time for patriots to step up and defend the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Another email acknowledged that the cabinet members and members of Congress who received the email would likely not “attach any importance” to their opinion. But, the author pointed to the public outcry over the Capitol riot, including statements from former President George W. Bush and Republican members of Congress.

“When the vice president and the entire Congress have to be hidden in order to be safe from the actions of the president of the United States, it is time to permanently and completely remove the president from power,” the email said. “I urge you to immediately do everything in your power to bring that about — whether through the 25th Amendment or impeachment.”

Only one Republican, Representative Adam Kinzinger, voted in favor of the resolution urging Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, which the former vice president made clear was an action he wouldn’t take.

In a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Pence applauded her leadership on January 6, as it showed Americans that “unity is still possible in Congress when it is needed most.” However, he disagreed with the Democratic Caucus that removing Trump was the best course of action. He called it out of step with the best interests of America or the Constitution.

“Under our Constitution, the 25th Amendment is not a means of punishment or usurpation,” Pence wrote. “Invoking the 25th Amendment in such a manner would set a terrible precedent.”

Pence’s letter came as the House was taking up the resolution and the former vice president urged representatives to work with the administration to “lower the temperature and unite the country.”

The Capitol riot led to Trump’s historic second impeachment, with 10 Republicans in the House voting in favor of impeachment. Seven GOP senators voted to convict Trump, but support fell short of the two-thirds votes that are necessary to convict a president and remove him from office.

Months later, Trump maintains that he won the election and continues to push for investigations into the 2020 presidential election. Amid rumors that he was prepping to announce his 2024 run, Trump said in a statement, “Fix 2020 first!”

Ahead of the riot, Trump pressured Pence to insert himself in the proceedings and send the results back to the states in the hope that it would give the former president a second term. Pence rejected Trump’s calls and while he still backs the administration’s accomplishments, he said he doesn’t think they’ll “ever see eye to eye on that day,” in reference to January 6.

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  1. VP Pence sounds like another Niki Haley! Forget it Pence you don’t make the grade! Retire and enjoy what you received for doing nothing for President Trump or america.

  2. I don’t believe any of this! January 6th is on the democrats and the losers they support like BLM and ANTIFA that’s who should be charged, their faces are on film, invited by democrats.

  3. When Pence pulled out his Knife and stuck in Trump’s back is when he f—u-. All politicians come equipped with their own back stabbing knives within our government . They are all afraid of losing their under the table money making deal jobs. I never realized there was so much corruption within our government until Trump came into the picture, And In trying to convict Trump on anything which they couldn’t the Democrats opened a bunch of Pandora’s boxes on themselves and nothing but corruption came out of it . The worst part is that they are able to block everyone from convicting them of any of their crimes. I just hope that corrupt Democrats don’t create a vigilante Justice system to go arrest , convict , and judge all of the ones guilty in this conspiracy against Trump and America and it’s people who should come first before anyone else.

  4. The Democrat Party is pushing it to the max to try and complete their mission of changing our government system and taking away our freedom to force a socialistic government on the people. If they proceed with this I predict that their will be a lot of live lost within our capital building. And there’s more American patriots than there are corrupt politicians in our capital and our government.

    1. Duke
      Now you should do some actual checking on the matter, the fact is the Conservatives are in the Minority in this USA, only about 34% of the Population is conservative in any way. Now if you were a History buff you would know the same actual BS was espoused prior to the US Civil War back in the 1880s, that those good old Southern Boys with their rifles would make short work of them Northern city slickers who were not hunters in any way, now we do know how that turned out, lots of lives lost nd the same Government as before the war, and not one politician lost their lives because of that war.
      Now i am a retired highly trained 26 year Military veteran and I would side with the Government, no matter which party was in power, I swore an oath to protect this Government against all enemies foreign or domestic, and i do not stand alone in that view.

      1. “Now you should do some actual checking on the matter, the fact is the Conservatives are in the Minority in this USA, only about 34% of the . . .”
        Yah, yah, drool. But wait. . .
        Conservatives “only” 34 percent? That’s a huge proportion, if accurate. It would be more than half of any majority needed to elect a President. If self-identified Moderate GOP were only 26 percent, the two groups would combine for a 60 percent majority. I’m not sure I even believe those numbers.
        But it’s true a committed minority leads both sides. A coalition of 10 percent woke, childless Communists and the deer in the headlights who follow them are what the Democrats depend on these days.

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