5 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Republicans Will Rally at Capitol to ‘Celebrate Cop Killers,’ Says Eric Swalwell

  1. Stall well perpetuates the lie. No cops were killed. The only death was at the hands of an incompetent Capitol Police Lieutenant, Ashley Babbitt was unarmed and bc executed!

  2. Swalwell is such a loser, a proven liar and also had sex with a Chinese spy. I think he should actually be unemployed at this point with his track record isn’t fit to hold any office.

  3. Cop killers? Who would that be since no cop was killed in the Jan 6 incident. Such a liar. He should be fired for sleeping with a Chinese spy. Anyone that stupid should not be allowed anywhere near the intelligence committee in congress. He is a lying loser.He needs to be the next loser California politician to be recalled.

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