2 thoughts on “Teen Accused of Stabbing Tristyn Bailey 114 Times Claims ‘Demons’ Are Out to Get Him

  1. ah yeah well: Demons are real, but you dont do anything you didnt want to do.
    Hopefully you meet a person like yourself in there and perhaps you guys can discuss how to best use your talents

  2. Trying to NOT get Life, I see…Well, you will have PLENTY of time to “talk” with your DEMONS when you get the life sentence you not only deserve but earned! Your mom should join you in jail for trying to protect you from your bad choices… Let me guess…she still treats you like you’re 3 years old, right? When I was your age, I (and many, many more) had chores and had other things to occupy my time. You’re NOT mentally ill, just a murderer of a 14 year old girl.

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