7 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene Threaten Telecoms Not To Give Data to 1/6 Committee

  1. Let the telecommunications companies turn over all the private information the Democrats seek. In return, I want all the records of phone calls, texts, and emails President Biden sent out and received regarding Afghanistan. That should even things out.

  2. Democrats are garbage. They should all be wiped out for treason. Too harsh? Read the constitution & the oath these, elected by we the people, idiots take to hold office. Its getting sickening, & to the point, where we need to stand up, and realize the left is taking away our freedoms one chain link at a time (if you’re familiar with the dog leash analogy). F-U Nancy!

  3. If we didn’t have a completely illegitimate, lawless government, the AG, who is supposed to be our chief law enforcer, would be the one threatening the telecoms. Instead, he is silent regarding this outrageous request. We now live in a lawless society…

  4. McCarthy has long since abandoned ANY semblance of being an elected representative of his constituency. He represents only himself and the originator of the “Big Lie” – Trump. His threat to private companies as a government official is a complete repudiation of any sense of lawful action by him. This is the leader of the GOP in the House? A great example for all the other GOP reps to follow. And then there is MT Greene…. Completely and utterly worthless both as a US Congresswoman and as a human being. Virtually everything she speaks is against everything in her oath of office. Yet she is still in Congress supported by other GOP reps and allowed to continue to spread chaos and misinformation. And this is the face of the GOP ??????

      1. Do you not love America? Do you want your children, grandchildren living in a socialist country? Think long and hard before answering these questing? USA❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸P

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