Rose McGowan Slams Oprah Winfrey for being ‘as Fake as They Come’

Rose McGowan slammed Oprah Winfrey in a new tweet claiming the talk show queen is “as fake as they come.”

The “Charmed” alum penned how she’s happy people are “seeing the ugly truth” about the billionaire media personality regarding her former friendship with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan also referenced how Winfrey was linked to record executive/producer Russell Simmons who is fighting multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. 

“She is about supporting a sick power structure for personal gain, she is as fake as they come,” the activist wrote. 

Back in early 2020, Winfrey stepped down as executive producer from Simmons’ #MeToo documentary because she felt “there is more work to be done on the film to illuminate the full scope of what the victims endured, and it has become clear that the filmmakers and I are not aligned in that creative vision.”

Winfrey said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter at the time, “I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women. Their stories deserve to be told and heard.”

McGowan and Winfrey also clash over the Time’s Up movement. While the Emmy-winning host is a supporter of the organization and reportedly donated $500,000 to fight back against sexual harassment in the workplace, McGowan often voices her belief that it’s founded on lies.

In early August, McGowan spoke out against Time’s Up CEO and President Tina Tchen after it was reported she provided guidance to former New York governor Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment investigation.

In New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report, it said Tchen allegedly consulted on the drafting of a letter Cuomo advisers released that denied the legitimacy of allegations made by his first accuser and former aide Lindsey Boylan.

Tchen denied her involvement but later resigned from Time’s Up and Cuomo stepped down as governor. 

“Remember when Hollywood actresses & paid off activists wore stupid black dresses at the Oscars? That was sponsored by Times Up who were meant to help abuse victims I told the world they are a lie 3+ years ago,” McGowan’s statement begins.

“I was mocked & harassed by so many who want to believe the illusion. Wake up. Hard truths are inconvenient & uncomfortable. So what, suck it up,” she said.

McGowan also slammed Cuomo in a video she posted to Twitter, calling him a “prick” and asking for him to “go home.” She also has publicly backed Biden accuser Tara Reade.

 A rep for Winfrey didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. 

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  1. Oprah is as fake as they come Rose is right. People who follow Oprah’s every word ae pathetic too reading books because Oprah says to. Always telling others how to live and lose weight but look at her she’s been on Weight Watchers forever and I think the old cow is bigger now than she was before.

  2. Tell it like it is, Rose. Looks like you are y he only one still standing up. Keep it up
    Thank you

  3. Rose you are right about Oprah for sure. I can t stand her at all. She is a big fake and she hates white people.

  4. Rose you are absolutely right about Oprah. I couldn’t stand her show from day one. She is such a fake and I think a down right stupid individual. But that is what money does for one, huh? She needs to be banded from being on any TV program. Also what a big deal about retiring and never did so she lies also.

  5. If it weren’t for the people that watch her show she wouldn’t be famous. She is a fake as they come.I stop watching and listening to the stupid woman since she wanted everyone to vote for Obama. She is nothing but a liar turn her off

  6. She s like a yo yo , she cant control her fat weight but she think s she can tell other people what to do with their weight and lives. .. Her and Obama should just disappear go to where they are welcome not America SHE S A FAKE, They don t like white people but they like making money or taking money off white people.

  7. I am not racists, but I will say, she is a LIAR and a P,O.S…. look at how she got her money. does anybody want to buy a child?

  8. Idk about oprah so much, but Rose is as fake as they come. I think when the plastic surgery happened they pulled too tight and squeezed her brain out. Or the hair bleach damaged it as well. She used to be such a pretty girl. Now shes a has been wannabe.She knows nothing. Another trumptard lemming.

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