Whoopi Goldberg to Quit ‘The View’ Over Controversial Replacement

Whoopi Goldberg’s 14-year tenure on The View could be nearing its end, according to a new tabloid report. As the popular morning talk show begins to look for Meghan McCain‘s replacement following her exit in early August, Life & Style reports that Goldberg has threatened to walk off The View amid reports that Candace Owen is set to join the discussion table.

Reports that Owen’s was poised to take the seat left vacant by McCain first surfaced in late July when a source told the Daily Mail the ABC talk show was scrambling to find a “Trump Republican” to “give the other women a run for their money.”

After the source claimed that Owens was among the top contenders, Life & Style, citing an inside source, claimed Goldberg “lost it when she found out ABC was considering bringing on Candace Owens.” While Goldberg notably clashed with McCain, the outlet’s source said hiring Owens would be like going from “bad to worse.”

Goldberg was said to be so against the idea of having Owens join The View that she “actually threatened to walk if they hired her.” Apparently, Goldberg wouldn’t be the only one, as “Joy Behar said she would follow suit and quit were Candace to join the panel. Needless to say, it’s complete chaos over at The View.”

At this time, Goldberg has not directly responded to the report, though Life & Style reversed its story, adding, “While a rep for the show denies Whoopi, 65, made such a power play.” She previously stated that she is “there until I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

She told Variety in April that that time hasn’t come just “yet,” and “as long as they allow me to do both [acting and hosting], I can do it.” However, “the minute they say, ‘No, you can’t,’ then I have to figure out what to do.” Goldberg first joined The View back in 2007, with her time on the show has earned her multiple Daytime Emmy Awards and even a win for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Meanwhile, reports of Owens set to replace McCain also seem to have been debunked. Gossip Cop reported that while The View and ABC are looking for a Republican co-host, they are currently in no rush to select a replacement.

Instead, the network reportedly plans to test out several guest hosts to gauge chemistry before making a final selection, which will be announced at a later date. Currently, Owens has not “any correspondence about Candace being a replacement on The View,” a representative confirmed to Radar Online, adding that “she would be interested” if the network approached her with the opportunity.

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  1. whoopi is a weenie! LOL* She can dish it out, but she can’t take it and she knows she would be defending a senile pos against Candice and her Christian-Conservative beliefs. Poor whoopi, no view but hers matters and she’s folding. Typical liberal! I think it’s hilarious. Shows how much of a bully she is when she don’t get her way or faces someone stronger than herself. She’s pathetic. Now she’ll let everyone know that she was planning on leaving several months ago – yeah sure.

    1. She’s all washed up!! She can’t even get an acting job! Yet she and Joy support this useless POS (piece of sh!t) president who has murdered at LEAST 13 American service members. Their blood and the blood of all killed are on this administrations as well as bothe of these women’s hand as well as every American who sides with this lunatic we call a president!! Good riddens to ALL of them. The world will not miss ANY OF YOU!!!

    2. Amen.I’ve been praying for her to go off the program…Thank you
      lord,she is ignorant,anti- Christ and demonic. Candace Owenis the perfect replacement…..conservative,Christianand truthful.

      1. So — is her name Owen or Owens? The original article uses both; such is the state of journalism in the U.S. today.

  2. She’ll leave The View the same way she moved out of the country after Trump was elected. All talk and no action.

  3. One of whoopie’s big advantages in an argument was that she was black, although she hasn’t been black in 30-40 years. With Owens on the show, she’d lose her big advantage. Just leave her with her big mouth and you’ve already got one of those in behar.

  4. I would love to see Candice on the show. She is such a good speaker and she knows more about the country and the world than the ladies on the View know.

  5. I think the show might just might be watchable if Whoopi and Behar left. Both of them are loud mouthed bullies and treat the guest terribly if they don’t agree with these old hags. On another note I didn’t know Whoopi was doing any acting, I guess she is funny now and then when she pretends she’s in demand.

  6. What take her & Behind (Behar) so long to leave. They both scared because Candace Owens have brain, classy and married a handsome guy came from British Upper Class and Rich. Candace have everything in life to show. They have a boy and ver lucky. What do they have? Nothing but their filty mouth with full of venom and no class at all. Put both of them in the boat and throw in the ocean and I don’t the Sharks like their meat and super dirty blood. And throw them in the ocean please please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. Liars they said they moved to Canada. All the Liberals so the United States will smell good and fresh. Understand? Leave 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. Bye bye Whoopie. For all the reasons listed above. And take your equally obnoxious pal with you. As above…loud mouth bullies both.

  8. Who are we to judge, be careful about what you have to say about other people because I wouldn’t want to be you on judgement day.

    1. You obviously haven’t snapped to the fact these people EARN THEIR LIVINGS by opening themselves up to negative comments. I’m certain this will be noted when (and if) there’s a Judgment Day.

    2. You have that right! These commenters against Whoopie are from racist and ignorant fools. On judgment day (if there is one) god/Jesus will say: “Get thee away from me, you hypocrites, I never knew ye.”

  9. Good, hope they both leave. They would get a lot of their audience back if those two leave, including me.

  10. Candace would be great! I don’t watch the show, never would, but seeing the clips of the low IQ lefties constantly attacking wishy washing McCain is disgusting. Candace would be able to speak from a black pov, without kowtowing to the lefties nonsense, like Whoopi & the other idiot’s nonsense. No wonder Whoopi would leave, she can’t debate, or provide a single fact, and would be constantly gasping for breath with Candace providing facts, and a solid conservative’s pov. Liberals quit, rather than debate, because they’re frauds. Their entire ideology is a fraud. They are Marxists, not Democrats.

  11. Candace Owens is the best. She would definitely be an asset to that show! Getting rid of those two miserable old hags would be the best thing for the shows ratings. People might even start watching again.

  12. Candace would give the View credibility, all those liberal witches would quit and Candace would see that credible women would be on the show……. Then the ratings would go through the roof.

  13. To bad that Candace Owens is not on the Show, I would like to see Whoopi and loud mouth Joy Beass leave the View it be alot better show without them.

  14. I cant stand Whoopi or Joy both are big mouths and think they know everything.. Should get rid of them both. I never watch the View. I watched it many,many years ago. and surprised anyone does now a days Two useless,,ugly Old Bags.

  15. Those two, Nutberg and Whooopy, who say they would walk out if Candice Owens is hired know that they would not be able to keep up with her at any time on any subject, not just the subject of Donald Trump. She is a very bright young lady and those two have seen much better days, she would tear them apart from day one and they know it.

  16. I don’t get how anyone pays any attention to whoopeeee the idiot anymore. She’s nothing but a racist, big mouth nut. What does she say that makes any sense? She hates anyone who happens to love freedom, independence, who doesn’t sink into the rabbit hole of racism — and most of all, she despises anyone who happens to be on the other side of the political fence. She’s racist and hating, and God only know why such an ugly, big mouth know-nothing, racist hag, who is as ugly as she is stupid, can be allowed to announce her opinions on a national forum. I don’t watch her, believe me, but you can’t help see this rabid fraud pop up on tv once in awhile, spewing her ignorance and racist crap. She is as close to human garbage as you can without being hauled off to the dump, where she belongs.

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