Megan Fox Takes Major Loss In War With Brad Pitt’s Manager

Brad Pitt’s longtime manager is putting an end to her three-year ongoing legal war with Megan Fox after the actress claimed she was duped into buying a property in Malibu that was “moldy” and caused her health-related issues.

Fox, 35, filed a $5 million lawsuit against Cynthia Pett-Dante in 2018, just two years after purchasing the home in May 2016. The Transformers star quickly realized the property was plagued with poor conditions, including mold and leaks, which required at least $500,000 of repair work.

According to a court document obtained by Daily Mail, Fox stated the Malibu home purchase had given her “chronic migraines” and “constant stress.”

Back in 2016, Fox said Pett-Dante, who was part of a seller group, convinced her to buy a 3.2 million home without informing her about the major issues. Fox also sued the lawyer Joseph D’Onofrio and the firm who represented her in the sale for negligence.

To further back her lawsuit, the actress explained at the time she was “a 29 year-old-pregnant working mother” with two small children, and she believed the property would be “a paradise in bucolic Malibu where she could raise her young family.”

Earlier this month, Pett-Dante asked Judge David Soleto for the entire case to be dismissed. The judge ended up ruling in her favor and granted her motion for summary judgment.

Pitt’s manager then made a kind offer of a $100,000 compromise deal under the California civil code 998, which was later accepted by the actress, according to the court document.

Pett-Dante claimed Fox failed to point out specifically about what she failed to tell the actress regarding the property.

The judge blamed the actress for failing to acknowledge the advice of her real estate lawyer, who had warned her about the purchase calling it a “nightmarish, ill-advised and risky” transaction.

In her deposition, Fox also claimed to experience financial issues after renovating a different property in Toluca Lake, CA.

“We experienced an unfortunate situation over the summer with a designer who put us in a very bad position with a property we were building, and we ended up losing money on that house. The one I bought in Toluca Lake,” she said during her testimony.

The actress reportedly moved out of the Malibu home in October 2017 and is currently renting a $15,000 residence in Calabasas with her three kids, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

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  1. If you buy a home you don’t rely on other people to tell you the home has no problems you have it inspected. Megan is really laying it on thick with the pregnant and two small children bs, lots of women have kids and move into a new home while working. I think Megan needs to take responsibility for her own poor decisions.

    1. In California, if you buy a home and plan to finance at least part of it, you are required by law and the bank to do a complete inspection! She is a liar!

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