2 thoughts on “YouTube Makes Millions Off of Animals Being Tortured, Buried, and Eaten Alive

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  2. So Trump is ousted for actually not inciting violence but these hideous acts of violence go on and on with social media doing absolutely nothing about it and making money to boot. Typical

  3. You tube should face high dollar fines for these images being played on their platform. And congress should write laws against these type of videos just as they have laws written against child pornography.
    I have seen some of these videos (3 of them) which put me to tears. Those three videos were posted by PETA. One showed Chinese men skinning dogs alive and throwing their bodies in a heap where they are seen laying helplessly, eyes blinking and whimpering in pain. Another showed skinned dogs who were still alive being thrown into boiling water. I could never watch a video to the end they were so horrific. And I stopped supporting PETA after viewing these videos because I believe showing these type of videos just encourages more being made. I also think repeated viewing of these videos raises a persons callousness and lowers people’s ability to feel compassion, and decreases a persons level to feel emotions.
    You often here how psychotic serial killers often start out with torturing and killing animals in childhood. The psychological impact of viewing these videos are detrimental to the morality of our society. I like you tube (I use it for knitting) but it’s disturbing that an internet company is enriching itself off the torture and murder of helpless animals. Just one more thing congress should get involved in d/t internet companies abuses.

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