6 thoughts on “Woman fleeing Taliban says militants are searching for sex slaves and having sex with dead bodies

  1. Does it surprise me that the Taliban engages in necrophilia? No. The Taliban is a ruthless totalitarian group.

  2. Biden is responsible for all of this and needs to be removed Harris the old pig too. If Trump had done anything like this the media would be screaming 24/7 but you hear nothing from them what disgusting people, they all make me sick. God help this country.

    1. we have to realize that biden is a chess piece.those who control our money are the ones who control our future.

  3. Aunt Nancy and her rag tag group of moral misfits should be dragged and forced to live with their taliban allies. Allowing them to stay in America spells lights out for America and all it stands for. By the way… Aunt Nancy’s boss, Obama should be included in this being banned from America thing.

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