Kanye West’s Name Change Has Fans Rolling Their Eyes

You might have to start calling Kanye West by a different name. According to TMZ, the rapper filed legal documents to change his name to simply “Ye.” Of course, the news prompted a multitude of spirited reactions amongst those on social media.

West’s full legal name is Kanye Omari West. Although, he has reportedly filed legal documents in Los Angeles to change his name to solely “Ye,” which is a nickname that he has used for years.

It’s unclear what the review process will be like for this change. However, he will only need one judge to approve this change in order for it to take effect. So, it’s entirely possible that the artist formerly known as Kanye West could become just “Ye” sometime soon.

Understandably, the news caused a bit of a ruckus online. Between jokes about the change and frustration over the latest West news, people had plenty to say about “Ye.”

pic.twitter.com/GvJ9rrYf6C — Tramon Mozingo (@tramonmozingo) August 24, 2021

“People think he’s smart edgy and ahead of the curve he’s just odd,” one Twitter user wrote about the news. Clearly, they’re not impressed by the “Ye” potential. 

I’m still going to call him Kanye West. — Shaun (@CaliCal916) August 24, 2021

Other fans brought out the jokes. One West fan wrote, “this like in the 8th grade when i wanted to be called by my middle name.”

Who cares? 🤷🏻‍♀️ He can name himself Prince Consuelo Banana Hammock. Why is this news? — Pam (@pnut3817) August 24, 2021

There are some who are not impressed by the latest West news. As they put it, “Everything is man has done in the last 7 years have been unoriginal.”

🙄 — M̶i̶c̶h̶a̶e̶l̶ (@MichaeICumiskey) August 24, 2021

A potential name change would certainly be a big sell for fans. But, as one of the rapper’s supporters joked, “Sooooo if he calls my name at one of his concerts is it safe to holler back at him HEAR YE HEAR YE.”

Still the goat — super (@sho_boy27) August 24, 2021

While many have been criticizing West for this name change news, it doesn’t change how many of his fans think of him. This fan still believes that the rapper is the “GOAT.”

ye changing his name to ye is the most ye thing ever — zev 🖤 (@die4zev) August 24, 2021

Another fan summed the whole matter up perfectly. “Ye” is going to “Ye” at the end of the day. 

Original Article: https://popculture.com/celebrity/news/kanye-wests-name-change-has-fans-rolling-their-eyes/

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  1. Who Cares!!!! These people are attention seeking, insecure, needing adoration constantly,
    Whores. That goes for the Krapdasians too.

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