Decomposing Bodies of Two Children Discovered in Baltimore, Mom Wanted for Questioning

The Baltimore Police Department is searching for the person responsible for the deaths of two young children found decomposing in a home.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment in the 500 block of Coventry Road to investigate reports of a “dead on arrival” situation. After arriving at the location, officers discovered a 6-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, who each had visible trauma to their bodies and were in a state of decomposition.

“Homicide investigators have assumed control over the investigation and are currently working with the Medical Examiner’s Office to determine an exact cause of death,” the Baltimore Police Department said in a statement.

Authorities are still attempting to piece together what transpired, according to the police department, and are asking anyone with information to call the Homicide Section. Those who would rather remain anonymous can also submit a tip through the Metro Crime Stoppers tip-line.

One person who police are hoping will have answers about what happened to the children is their mother, according to The Baltimore Sun. An internal bulletin obtained by the newspaper said police were searching for the children’s 28-year-old mother so they could question her about their deaths.

Wardell White, who lives in the neighborhood, told The Baltimore Sun that he used to see the children playing outside in the morning while he was walking his dog. Suddenly, he “stopped seeing them.”

Other neighbors called news of the children’s deaths “heartbreaking” and were shocked to hear what happened in the neighborhood.

“The police came to my apartment and pretty much told me two children were found unresponsive in the building next door,” Toni Hyman, a neighbor, told local news station WBAL. “I literally just saw them. They just asked about my daughter and when she was coming back, and they seemed fine.”

Weeks earlier, a 33-year-old woman was charged with child abuse that resulted in their deaths after officers found the decomposing bodies of two children in the trunk of her car. The two children, aged 5 and 7, weighed only 18 pounds and 21 pounds respectively and charging documents quoted doctors as saying it would have taken “months of malnourishment” to be that underweight.

Officers discovered the children after they stopped Nichole Johnson, the children’s aunt, for speeding. After being told her car was being towed and she could remove her personal belongings, officers noticed a powerful odor coming from a trash bag she pulled out of the trunk. She allegedly carried one of the children’s bodies around in a suitcase for “many months.”

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