Woman Begs People to Stop Using Her 400-Year-Old House as a Toilet

Gill Dennis, who lives in a 400-year-old home known as the Old House in Wallasey, says people urinate on her house on a regular basis. Ms Dennis, who moved into the house nearly five years ago, said: “My daughter lives directly opposite, she looked over to mine and saw a little boy having a wee by the gate.

“She went over and said, ‘where is your mum and dad?’ and he pointed to a car on the opposite side of the road, and they were just sat there.”

Ms Dennis says the culprits usually come out of a nearby pub, as well as drivers and passers-by.

She told Liverpool Echo: “If they have been to the pub, on the way home they look for a place to pee. The number of times I have opened the door and they are just standing there doing their business.”

Ms Dennie claims on one occasion she stumbled upon a girl who was squatting on the side of her gate and has seen vans pulling up from her front window.

She continued: “It is horrendous and just vile, it has been going on since I moved here, and the excuse is always ‘I’m desperate’.

“This is the oldest house in Wallasey…it is 400-years-old and beautiful, it’s not right I should be disinfecting it all the time.”

Gill Dennis house

She is sick of people using her 400-year-old house as a “pee stop”. (Image: Liverpool Echo/Gill Dennis)

Ms Dennis says she bought the house in November 2016 after it had been “renovated beautifully” by its previous owner and, other than the problem with people using her house as a “pee stop”, it is a lovely area.

She believes people should have more respect for her house and is sick of seeing and smelling pee whenever she goes outside.

She added: “I have been tempted to put up a sign saying, ‘please don’t p*** on the gate’. I feel there must be some public sign on the road that I can’t see saying ‘pee stop here’.

“It is a lovely area and I love living in the house itself – but people need to know they can’t pee here.”

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  1. Place a motion detector water line in the area, so when people stop to pee, the detector opens a water valve and the people gets a little wet.

  2. That is truly disgusting and quite rude as well!! I think you should put up an electric fence and whomever comes up to the gate gets zapped!! THAT SHOULD STOP THIS BEHAVIOR ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  3. Personally i like a trespassers will be shot sign myself. Just the threat might be enough

  4. I think she should put survalence camera out then show it in the pub every week. Title this is my home. Maybe people think it looks abandon

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